Vacation 2009

DATE: 2009-07-15

After finishing our meal of breakfast noodles it turned out that Wu Yanli (吴艳丽) took the same train as us, also leaving Xi'an for the summer. Some coincidence, huh? We arrived in Wuhu just before lunch and made our way to the bus station. The buses for the Yellow Mountains only leave twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Having arrived late for the early departure we headed downtown to have a look around to pass the time. There were a lot more to see in this little town than we initially thought: a river filled with boats and barges, markets along the river, a downtown lake and much more. Two very peculiar things happened at the bus station. I tried to take a nap in the waiting area, but was quickly informed by a guard that such behaviour was not allowed. Instead he led us to a VIP room with air-condition (!) and told us to stay there instead. It was completely empty except for us and no one else showed any interest in sharing it with us. Oh, well. The second curious thing was that Chinese people apparently do not like to ride in the back of the bus. This gave me and Alexander plenty of space to spread out though, so we were not complaining. It was a 100km ride but it felt like twice as long; the roads were small and not in the best of shape if I put it that way. Having finally arrived at the base of the mountain we quickly went to bed at one of the many hotels to get a good night's rest ahead of the climb tomorrow.