China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-03-09

Ever since we found the cache at the temple the other day it has been grating us that we forgot about the cache on Gulangyu when we went there earlier this week. So much in fact that we decided to head back to go look for it. This one was a "multi-cache" which means that you hunt for a bunch of clues spread over an area using your GPS that will eventually net you the coordinates for the cache itself. Others had written online that it had taken them around two hours to complete, something we would say is just pure bragging, because it took us five hours to complete 3/4 of the clues (we already got some of them our first visit to the island). The cache was really well designed and it took us to all the best scenic spots on the island, many of which we missed the first time around. The cache was really tricky to find and we suspect that the GPS that the creator used was a little less precise than ours, because the coordinates of the cache were somewhat off compared to those the clues yielded. Inside we found a "Geocache Coin" (you are lucky to find one) that you are supposed to take with you and place at the next cache you visit, extra icing on an already delicious cake. After some spicy lunch-noodles and yellow peach egg-tarts we headed downtown for shopping. Dad wanted some new shirts and completely lucked out tonight. The first store we went to (Septwolves) offered a 50% on their autumn and winter collections, which turned out to include 95% of the whole store and they had a complete sets of sizes for almost all items. I even ended up buying some things as well. We left with 9 shirts, three pairs of trousers, one jacket and one man-bag (mine, hehe~). I must say that they sure understand how men want to do shopping: beautiful and attentive girls on the staff, comfortable couches, good service and refreshments at regular intervals. Bullseye. To celebrate our incredible shopping we had some pudding at CoffeWorks before heading back home.