China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-03-07

Rain today, not that heavy but a constant drizzle. We started thinking about possible indoor activities but in the end decided to just don't care about the rain and went to the temple anyway. There are two (!) geocaches hidden on Xiamen Island: one on Gulangyu Island and one on the top of Xianyue Mountain (仙岳山) just outside our hotel (a pure coincidence actually). Kind of annoying that we completely forgot to read up on available geocaches BEFORE going to Gulangyu, otherwise we could have gotten them all. Oh well, maybe next time. On our way up the mountain we made a stop at the the Bodhisattva Temple to escape the rain for a few minutes and buy some prayer bands (long strips of red cloth with wishes for happiness/prosperity/love etc.) to hang in Tögmossen (mom and dad's farm). Feet itching, dad whipped out the GPS and the hunt for the cache was on. After a rather serious climb to the top we found the cache hidden behind a large tree on a small earthen path behind a monument on the top. Having made a contribution by leaving a note in the notebook and donating a Swedish coin, we headed down the other side of the mountain and ended up just next to the SM-mall where we had dinner the other day. Our growling stomachs decided that this would be the perfect place for lunch, so we headed inside and found a really amazing hotpot restaurant. So amazing in fact that we ate us into a small coma and had to retreat to a massage parlor to recuperate. We all got foot massages (Wu Yanli [吴艳丽] too but she was seriously skeptical to strangers touching her feet) and it was sorely needed; days of walking in sneakers is not ideal, I can tell you. With our energy restored we went down to the beach next to Yanli's university for a walk. The lights on the highway provided a very special nighttime scenery that we spent a good while photographing. It was not until nine in the evening that we got back to the hotel and at which point we realized we had completely forgotten to eat dinner. Fortunately there was a restaurant serving food from the northeastern kitchen just outside the hotel, hehe~