China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-03-04

Today might have been one of the longest in my life. I started the day a little after 6AM to prepare the last my luggage and get a shave, then I headed over to the hotel to pick up my parents and take them to breakfast. We enjoyed some first class porridge and shrimp dumplings at The Three Treasures (三宝晚茶) after which we took a taxi to the office to give them the grand tour of the Wanxingda group and my dormitory. We even snuck a peek of Boji Electric's factory and a couple of finished transformers. Before long Wu Yang (吴洋) picked us up and took us to Liaoyang for lunch with the chairman of the board (胡魁). We went to the same place as when for Christmas (一品楼) and the food proved to be exquisite this time as well. It was a really nice way to end my internship and I presented the chairman and general managers with a bottle each of Sweden's liquid gold: Absolut Vodka. After lunch we were picked up by the minibus and taken to Anshan's Garden of the Jade Buddha (玉佛苑). This destination was not only chosen for housing the world's largest jade buddha made from a single block of jade, but also because a geocache was said to be hidden there as well. The GPS led us to an incense-burning-tower-thing that we scoured for hidden treasures without luck. The buddha was easy to find though. Dad's coffe-cravings led us downtown to a U.B.S. Coffe where we recuperated before heading out for dinner. Wu Yang had made us a reservation at the Emerald Forest (翠林园), on of the better restaurants in Anshan and it did not disappoint. I suppose it could have something to to with the fantastic company we had (Nancy [张睿] + Wu Yang). Once again stuffed until food almost came out of our ears we rounded the evening of with a bath and massage at swanky bathhouse (华世博际). Tomorrow we will be leaving the Northeast and head for southern China where the second phase of our vacation will begin.