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China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-03-01

The general manager at Boji Electric, Wu Wei (吴伟), lives in Shenyang (provincial capital of Liaoning Province) and has been planning to take me for a tour around the city since pretty much I came here six months ago. But Mr. Wu is a really busy man, always out on business trips, and when we finally found a date (today) that fit, another bussiness trip came up at the last moment. So, instead another manager at Boji (张霞) took his place. I had made some online reconnaissance and picked the Beiling Park and the Liaoning Provincal Museum as the two places I wanted to see the most and off we went. Shenyang is a huge city and I think we drove for 2.5 hours before finally arriving at the park. Having worked our way into the centre of the park and the emperor's tomb, I notice that there is something funny with camera: what I see in the viewfinder is not quite the same as what the sensor is recording. It would seem that something is slightly off. I kept on photographing while trying to compensate as it gradually worsens...and then it happens. "Scrtchss!". My camera makes this very unhealthy-sounding sound and all I get is a black picture. Something has jammed inside. Carefully removing the lens I see that the small mirror inside has come loose and is rattling around inside the camera. Great. It had to happened just days before I go on a holiday with my parents? There is no way there is time to get it repaired before leaving here, if it can be repaired that is. I know that the shutter/mirror was rated for 20000 exposures (if I remember correctly) and I have done at least 50% more than that, maybe even 100%. But could it not have waited until its fifth anniversary and brake down when I hopefully have a job? What now? [T_T]


"Ja, 4,76 år höll den och en hel del stryck fick den tåla under den tiden. Lite förvånande att den höll så pass länge faktiskt... :-)"

Johan, 2012-03-03

"Nooooooo! Mycket imponerande att den höll så länge ändå, den har ju varit med om en hel del trots allt. RIP."

Alexander, 2012-03-02

""Den lilla rosa"? [o_o]"

Johan, 2012-03-02

"Den lilla rosa? :)"

Lina, 2012-03-01

"Jag tar med min kamera!"

Sr, 2012-03-01