China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-02-01

Damn it's cold in the north! This is what the online weather report said about the temperature in Shoushan around 10 in the morning. 22 below zero. That is WAY colder than Tianjin. In Tianjin we had between zero and ten degrees below. I thought that I would be able to miss the two coldest weeks of the year by leaving for the Spring Festival, but it turned out I got back just in time to catch the show. Brrrrrr! Apart from cold weather, another thing that there is an abundant supply of here is poor heating insulation. The place where we had dinner today is a prime example of what double-layer windows can help you avoid. Koufu Takeaway, (口福, "the luck of getting something nice to eat") is a fast food joint where we have become regulars more or less. The food is good, cheap and they whip it up real quick too. Why can't we have more of this kind of fast food in the West? Great taste and it is healthy too. And in China it is like half of a meal at McDonald's. When I think about it, Koufu's low prices might have something to do with their lack of investment in insulation. Luckily for them completely iced-up windows look kind of cool.


"[Byter till enkelglasat]"

Alexander, 2012-02-26

"Läste i nyheterna att det är köldchock i Sverige och massor av trafikolyckor. Se till att ni tar det försiktigt på vägarna..."

Johan, 2012-02-03

"I wish I could find food like that in my neighborhood! Keep Warm Johan!"

Erik Lecco, 2012-02-02

"Kallt här med, -15 nu på kvällen."

Sr, 2012-02-02