Kungsleden 2019

DATE: 2019-07-13

Getting to Ammarnäs is a bit tricky and requires three different busses from Umeå as well as 5.5h. Changing to the last bus misfortune struck as Daniel's fever from earlier this week had still not receded to a level where he felt he would be able to make the hike. Since there is only one bus from Ammarnäs southward per day he made he difficult call to turn back home, and we made an emergency repacking of the food to allow me to go on alone. Having seen him off more misfortune struck: I followed the sign at the bus stop but it took me the to southward entrance to the trail, forcing me to backtrack and wasting 2 km. Once I found the northward entrance towards Rävfallsstugan it kicked off with a straight climb up the ski slope to the tone of 180 m up in just 1 km. Once at the top I was hit by heavy rain just a few minutes later, completely drenching me. When the sun eventually came back out I took a break to dry out my shoes and socks, after which it was smooth sailing along the ridge of the mountain. Heading down to the cabin in the valley I was chased by more rain into wet terrain recently drenched by another shower, again soaking me when passing through the quite thick vegetation. At the cabin it took me 50 minutes in mosquito land to pitch the 3-people tent. 24 km, 40319 steps and 7h since the start I wrapped up with a late dinner while swearing over the already punctured blister on my left foot toe. It took my last few ounces to run down naked to the river to shower, but it was worth it (as it always is).