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TITLE: A special kind of museum
LOCATION: Guinness Storehouse
MISSION: Sample Ireland's national treasure
DATE: 2013-06-07

With the Jameson distillery crossed off our lists it was time to visit the legendary Guinness Storehouse. With no tour guides it was a lot let intimate and personal than the Jameson experience, but still a lot of fun. We got to learn a little about every step of the process of making "the perfect Guinness" by walking around the old brewhouse area. I found the area with old pictures especially intriguing (just look at the pictures of the section of the brewery responsible for making casks, the staks are positively enormous!). The tour ended as is customary with a pint up in the Gravity Bar. Fun fact: Arthus Guinness signed a lease for the storehouse porperty with a fixed annual fee for 9000 years, which I find hilarious. Must have been the best deal in the history of mankind. We spent the evening eating and drinking in and around the plentiful bars and restaurants of downtown Dublin.