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TITLE: The Old Jameson Distillery
LOCATION: All over Dublin
MISSION: Whiskey and Temple Bar
DATE: 2013-06-06

After a traditional Irish breakfast at our homely hotel we set out for an ambitious round of geocaching that would take us around a large chunk of the northern downtown area. The tall pointy thing is The Spire of Dublin (the world's largets sculture), erected as part of a program to rejuvenate O'Connell Street in the late 90's. After spending a little over 30 mintues searching for a cache fiendishly disguised as a nut and bolt on a steel construction (kudos to dad for just flat out refusing to give up on this one) we headed on over to the Jameson distillery. Our tour guide was great and a visit is much recommended should you ever drop by Dublin (much better than the Guinness Storehouse as we came to find out tomorrow). For dinner TripAdvisor directed us to Boxty House for a taste of some traditional "boxty" (pretty much Swedish pancakes with meat in them). The evening was rounded off with a visit to *the* Temple Bar.