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China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-03-13

We wondered why it sometimes smelled funny around the hotel so today I checked out our neighbors and found a garbage recycling plant just next door. It figures. We got up early and headed to the airport in very good time for our 13:55-flight. It was a nice ride: the sun was shining, traffic was light and our driver had an awesome beanie. I have been to Beijing's airport several times but its ceiling always manages to impress me nonetheless. It is just HUGE. We had some 元 left from our vacation and spent a chunk of it at the airport tax-free shops. Among other things we finally found the perfect cup for drinking Chinese green tea (picture 6+7). I also got some hard liquor (白酒) as well, haha! The flight itself was very smooth and uneventful. Since it was a day flight "against" the clock it was bright daylight all the way. The plane was not full at all and it was no problem to stretch out for some slightly more comfortable sleep though. We arrived at our house at around 19:00 (or 02:00 Chinese time) and we were all pretty tired but managed to stay awake a few more hours to alleviate the jet lag tomorrow. It has been an exciting 6 months, lots of memories for sure. Thanks everyone who have followed this blog and left (mostly) encouraging messages. Now, on to new adventures. :-)


"Thanks for reading Greg! See you in the Ukraine when you get back to Europe! [^_^]"

Johan, 2012-04-18

"Thank you 马瑞华 for tons of good quality pictures and detailed stories! And also a lot of thanks for teaching me Chinese. Greetings from Liaoyang! See you somewhere around)))"

Greg, 2012-04-17

"fantastiskt fin bild på mamma och pappa på planet! den borde man nästan få printad och uppsatt på väggen! :D"

sofispis, 2012-03-17

"Oklart. Om några veckor för min opponering...kanske..."

Johan, 2012-03-15

"Välkommen tillbaka! Tack för alla intressanta bilderna och bloggarna! När ska du åka till Lund? "

Caizi, 2012-03-14

"Final blog statistics: 181 days, 1417 pictures, 480 messages."

Johan, 2012-03-14