China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-02-29

The heating appears to be working again. This morning when I woke up I felt what I thought was just some sort of residual heat from the radiator, but at lunch it was back and working at full capacity. I still have five more days here in Liaoyang before me and my parents leave for Xiamen in the south, but realistically tonight is the last time we (the foreigners) would be able to get together before I leave. Since I am the one leaving I got to pick the restaurant and I have been hearing a lot of good things about this Sichuan place in Liaoyang, supposedly Liaoyang's best restaurant for spicy food. We made a reservation well in advance to make sure to get a table, which was a good thing because the place was packed and with even a whole bunch of people queueing - a sign of good food nearby. Also, they took our order using an iPad. Pure awesome. After indulging in both food and beers, we took care of something almost as important as my farewell-dinner: photos. Of all the pictures I have taken of us together not a single one has made it from my computer to theirs, we have kept forgetting to bring harddrives and computers to share them among us. After this was taken care of once and for all, we called in a waitress for the compulsory group picture. Since this is the year of the dragon we got a picture of us as dragons (Greg's dragon wasn't all that convincing though, he'll have to work on that one). To seal the deal we made a Bodhisattva too. Then it was time for each to return to his/her own. An emotional moment, but I have seen it coming for some time and kept myself from crying, hehe~ Lee (李美妮) gave me keychain made by her mother, Randie Collette gave me a Washington State souvenir keychain, and Greg and Nono got me an hilarious T-shirt that said "Foreigners can write" in completely butchered characters (something like "froeginers cannnt writte"). At least I find it really funny. [^_^]


"It should be "外国朋友不会写字", the differences are subtle for those who can't speak/write in Chinese but plain as day for natives. :-)"

Johan, 2012-03-01