China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-02-05

The weather report promised me snow today, but this is what I got. Talk about disappointment. Me and Greg was planning to take a long walk in one of Liaoyang's parks today, but it turned out he had to go to work, so we changed the plan to dinner instead. While waiting for him to finish work I stayed inside and washed some clothes. There is one washing mashine (on the second floor) and it broke down before I went to Tianjin. It has still not been fixed, forcing me to wash all my clothes by hand. It is thus what in pop cultural terms is referred to a "scumbag" washing mashine. With my fingers slightly corroded by the detergent, I headed out to meet up with Greg, Nono (Chinomso Ulelu) and their colleague Old Gao (老高/高哥). We decided to try out a new place that we have heard good things about, Hanjiya (韩吉亚). It was really good, and that is probably the reason why it was packed with people and really noisy. Bellies full, we went looking for a quiet place to sit down, talk and digest all the meat we just had eaten. We walked down the road looking for a place Greg said he knew, but after a while it became apparent that he couldn't find it. But as luck would have it, we had instead stumbled upon Karen Café. Reputed to have the best coffe in Liaoyang, we decided it would do just as well as any other place. It was posh enough for two or perhaps three cafés to share (live classical piano music by beautiful girls and a decor carrying your thoughts to decadent Victorian-style luxury). A dangerous place; once you sit down you never want to leave again. Also they close really late, and the guys talked about how it is easy to end up staying to two-three in the morning if you are careful. I believe them.