China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-02-04

Today was Lichun (立春), the first day of the spring. It is an important day during the Spring Festival and having spring pancakes (春饼) is just as crucial as eating dumplings on New Year's Eve. The chairman of the board at Wanxingda had been in a meeting without stop from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, and when he got out he was so tired that he announced that everyone would finish work two hours early today (in typical impulsive Chinese fashion). Me and Wu Yang (吴洋) seized the opportunity to go play some pool. I got a membership card loaded with 200元 before going to Tianjin that we need to spend before I leave here. The girls are not all that interested in pool and met up with us at dinner time for some pancakes. Since having pancakes is a must on Lichun, there were an incredible amount of people filling up Shoushan's restaurants; we had to visit several before we eventually got a table. The three of us suffered some scathing criticism by Wu for our lacking pancake-rolling skills, which he took it upon himself to correct. The pancakes are rather oily (although thin), and you feel really full after just a few. It doesn't quite feel like spring yet, if you ask me, the weather is still too cold for. Could it be that this tradition originates from the southern parts of China where it is warmer this time of year?


"Yes, if they are made well; they have to be really thin. Some restaurants make them too thick and then they get very oily..."

Johan, 2012-02-16

"We don't eat pancakes in the day of Lichun. Do the pancakes taste well?"

Yanli, 2012-02-13