China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-02-02

What a difference 10 days can make! When I left for Tianjin the sky was dark already before we got off work, but now it is still broad daylight at 17:00! Wu Yang (吴洋) has visited bathhouses on three occasions during the Spring Festival (twice in Fushun and once in Tianjin), but I have not and therefore felt a strong urge to scrub down and get the dirt and dead skin off my body. First we had a quick, quick dinner at Good Fortune Coming (好运来), before making our way to Xinsheng Bath and Sauna (馨圣洗浴). After getting properly steamed in the sauna and with my skin all moist and wrinkly I went for a scrubbing. Boy, was it needed! The dead skin came off like if I was changing skin. When the scrubber was done, my skin was so smooth that when I rubbed my feet together it felt like they were still wet when dry! We are coming back here at least once a week from now on. At least! Masseuse #6 had the day off, so I got the male masseur instead (the only other one who has studied traditional Chinese medicine). He was way better than his female colleague; made me feel kind of stupid for not considering him earlier on. Oh, well. At the reception they have a bowl with fish and two yellow frogs. I always thought that they were made of plastic as they never move or even twitch, but no they are real. You just have to poke them a little and they will move. That was all for today. The struggle with my thesis will continue tomorrow. I am SOOO looking forward to putting this behind me and going on vacation to the south.


"me likey picture puns!"

henke, 2012-02-04

"Today's second picture is the 1000th picture on my blog! As you all know, a picture says more than a thousand words, so now there is well over a million words worth of stories on here! \[^_^]/"

Johan, 2012-02-04