China 2011/2012

LOCATION: 特炫区, 八里庄
DATE: 2012-01-19

I didn't get a train ticket to Tianjin because of the unbelievable amount of people that head home (春运) for the Spring Festival. Instead I have to first go to Beijing and then take a train to Tianjin. Since my train arrived rather late I decided to spend the night in Beijing and then continue to Tianjin tomorrow morning. This would also allow me the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Wu Qianyi (吴牵奕). I left Shoushan at 8:30 but didn't get to Shenyang until 11:00 due to heavy traffic (Grrr!). This forced me, most grudgingly, to grab a hurried lunch at McDonalds before running to the station. The trip went smoothly as always; China Railways is really good at being on time compared to their colleagues in Sweden. Qianyi had to work late so it didn't really matter that I arrived a little late. We met up at her job at Renault's offices at Jiali Centre (嘉里中心) after which we had a nice and spicy dinner at a Sichuan restaurant; desert (hot chocolate) was then served at Starbucks. Instead of more pictures of food, I give you "The Place" (世贸天阶). It is a square in-between two shopping malls that is lit by a humongous screen. I don't know how it got its English name, but it sure is a special place. We then spent almost an hour trying to find a taxi and then resigned to taking the bus back to Qianyi's place instead. Before going to Home Inn (如家) I wanted to check out the block where she lives, as the Texuan District has been used as a setting in several recent tv-shows. It is inhabited almost exclusively by young and trendy people who own small dogs, which makes it an attractive place to live. I didn't get to bed until almost 2 AM, but my gold VIP card at Home Inn allows me to check out two hours later than normal, so it is safe to sleep in tomorrow, hehe~


"Utomhusskärm! Jodå, den var ganska häftig faktiskt. Du får komma och hälsa på så kan vi titta på den tillsammans hehe!"

Johan, 2012-01-27

"Woooaw! coolt med ....utomhustak? :D "

Lovisa, 2012-01-24

"Känns det roligt att vara i STORA staden igen?Måste vara en häftig känsla att promenera under ett rörligt tak!Hälsa Kydia och familjen när du kommer fram!"

Ma, 2012-01-23

"Ni får ursäkta de sena bilderna, förseningarna beror på allvarligt katastrofdålig internetuppkoppling. [>_<]"

Johan, 2012-01-22

"Äntligen nya bilder! Tog festandet så hårt att du hamnade back 5 dagar med bilderna ..."

Sr, 2012-01-21