China 2011/2012

DATE: 2012-01-08

Even though I didn't choose the thickest cloth for my long johns, they still turned out to thick for my pants, made me feel like a sausage. My cold is still running rampant, but I only have one day off a week so I either had to go get new pants today or wait another week. Due to my current condition I decided to go for a safe bet: Jack&Jones. I grabbed a pair of the first jeans I saw, tried them on and that was it. I had to get a bigger size to wear my long johns comfortable though. My regular size is a 32/33 waist and 32 in length, but this I had to get a 36/32! Now I know how fat people feel buying clothes. Wu Yang (吴洋) couldn't resist trying a few items of his own, which gave me the opportunity to get revenge for his sneaky photography. After my most successful shopping (309元 after a 32% discount) we had lunch at a fastfood place in the neighbouring mall. Wu got a bowl of cold noodles (冷面) and I got some rice 'n meat (里脊肉盖饭). Good thing that you can count on the Danish, if Jack&Jones didn't have anything worthwhile, I really don't know where I would have gone looking then. Chinese people are not built like foreigners and would really have loathed trying to find fitting Chinese pants.


"Njae, just denna skräddare har specialiserat sig på varma underkläder så där har jag inte så mycket mer att hämta... :-/"

Johan, 2012-01-10

"Tips: Du kan alltid gå till skräddaren och får ett par byxor, och som dessutom matchar långfilsingarna ...."

Sr, 2012-01-09