China 2011/2012

TITLE: 2012 - DAY 1
DATE: 2012-01-01

Me, Nono, Greg and Li Meini (李美妮) stayed the night at Randie's place and after putting the appartment in order we headed out for brunch. The Three Treasures (三宝晚茶) was a given, as they have the best porrigde in Liaoyang (and it is close to Randie's place). Greg loves their shrimp dumplings and almost became ecstatic when we let him have the last one. Being mildly hungover and very tired, we hung around until our collective conscience forced us free up the table for the next guests. So we went to a café instead, where we stayed until we had to go to the toilet (Big Ears doesn't have one, maybe to keep foreigners from sticking around for too long). As the sun set we were finally waking up and felt like actually doing something today. While trying to decide what exactly, we happened to pass by Liaoyang's Table Tennis Training Centre so we popped inside. No one was surprised that Li was close to a pingpong professional compared to us, she is Chinese afterall, but it was fun anyway. Having worked up quite the appetite, we headed over to Korean Place (韩舍) where we got a nice Korean hotpot. Today was a long day, but moved along at a perfect hangover-friendly pace. A good start on a new year.


"Ja, hoppas detta blir början på ett bra och givande år för oss alla!"

Ma, 2012-01-02