China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-12-29

There should be a law against going to work the day after your birthday. Getting out of bed today was a real challenge, I tell you. At least I got cake for breakfast... Today I have to focus on a whole bunch thesis-related stuff and nothing else. Then I have to get ready for tomorrow when the guys at Hongchang are taking me out for more dinner and more singing. These were the gifts my wonderful friends gave me yesterday. Wu Yang (吴洋) put a touching amount of thought into his gifts and gve me a box containing three things: a keychain, a card holder and a pen. Why a keychain? Because he was concerned about me losing any more things (my debit card is the only thing I have managed to lose actually). Why a card holder? Because I couldn't find a regular wallet small enough. Why a pen? Because my characters are aweful and need improving. Also in the picture: my newly withdrawn wad of cash, my "juggerulle" (the thing kept closest to my heart). Gregory found a book with 300 Tang dynasty poems that he thought could enrichen my life. He also gave me a Chinese-German dictionary. I told him once that have forgotten most of my German and so he thought I could freshen up on it through Chinese. Jin Xin (金鑫) and her boyfriend gave me a pouch with the "蛋疼" written on it. It is supposedly a very popular online term originating from the game World of Warcraft, describing the feeling when you are faced with something that is stupid and goes completely against common sense. Exactly what that has to do with Chinas successfully testing their first nuclear weapon, I am not sure. They also found a collection of popular Russian songs that they thought might be right down my alley. Greg confirmed that are indeed famous Russian songs and even pointed out some of his favourites as well. I will be back with a review as soon as I have listened to them all~


"Fina presenter, genomtänkta :-)"

Alexander, 2012-01-01