China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-12-28

Today was my big day! The celebrations started in the late afternoon with the grand opening of the "Aladdin" box I was sent for Christmas. How good does the white one in the middle taste? This good (picture #2). The liquorice was really popular as well (I kept the Plopp for myself, hehe). I had invited the foreigners in Liaoyang for dinner at 18:00 at my favourite restaurant, but me and Wu Yang (吴洋) went there directly after work to prepare. We ordered 9 dishes and one soup and since it was my birthday I made sure to order only things that *I* like to eat, i.e. no bones, no fatty meat, no weird seafood, no organs, no insects, no fish with a million small bones. The Chinese probably thought it the most bland dinner ever haha! Yesterday Wu secretly ordered a huge birthday cake delivered to the restaurant which awaited us in our room. Unfortunately Randie the American and Ali the Pakistani and his wife could not make it, so we had to suffer through gorging on all the delicious food just the six of us. The new face is Jin Xin's (金鑫) boyfriend Cheng Chuanzhong (程传钟), here on a visit from Beijing. We stuffed ourselves too full for even a tiny slice of cake and decided to bring it along to the karaoke bar instead. It is notoriuosly difficult to find a taxi around the Little Fish, so we tried to get a three-wheeler to take all six of us, but the driver refused no matter how much we offered him (they are made for two). Fortunately Jinsedadi (金色大地) is just a 10 mintute walk from the restaurant. I am definitely going to miss karaoke when I go home. Strange how only Asians like karaoke... When I think about it, karaoke might just be a ton of fun because of all the booze that usually precede our singing sessions and all the beer you have inbetween songs. By the way, I got really, really lucky when opening the booze bottle tonight: I won another bottle! Wohoo! It is, like, almost unheard of and really made a good day even better~


"Grattis i efterskott kära kusin! Vad spännande att klicka runt och se på alla bilder, jag blir riktigt sugen på att göra någonting utomlands jag med."

Kusin-Ida, 2011-12-29

"Det verkar ha varit ett fint kalas. Mycket mat och tårta! GRATTIS, GRATTIS!"

Lennart och Jean, 2011-12-29

"Hoppas att ni hade en trevlig kväll!"

Sr, 2011-12-29

"I don't care that this post is a little on the long side, on your birthday you can upload as many pictures as you like!! \[^_^]/"

Johan, 2011-12-29