China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-12-25

Today Wu Yang (吴洋), Jiang Zhuyang (姜竹阳) and Zhang Yanan (张亚楠) went skiing outside Shenyang. I was supposed go with them but I was afraid that my cold would get worse so I stayed at home. When they got back in the evening we all went out for dinner. We went to a new place on Commerce Avenue (商业街), can't remember the name. This was the third time we went there, but the first time we actually got a table (after waiting quite a while). A very popular place it seems. Their specialty is a kind of big, open hotpot that uses firewood instead of coal. We got a duck-pot with the pickled Chinese cabbage that is hugely popular here in the north-east. The waitresses were very, very excited about waiting upon a foreigner wanted a picture. Who can resist a request from two such beautiful leadies? The handsome fella is Wang (王世男), one of Jiang's old friends (he also went with them skiing today). Nice guy and a great singer, as we got to experience after dinner. A karaoke session was of course compulsory on such a special day as today. I did some of the old songs I have already learned and found some new ones that I will practice back at the dorm when no one can hear me. I swear if the karaoke bars didn't insist on having all subtitles in traditional Chinese characters I would be able to sing any and all songs.


"Har inte sett några än. Hittade en låt på engelska av Basshunter i Peking en gång..."

Johan, 2011-12-26

"Har man inga svenska sånger i karaokebiblioteket?"

Sr, 2011-12-26