China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-12-24

A seam burst on the red down jacket I bought, so I had to go back to Anshan to get it fixed. Since today is a very special day, everyone at Wanxingda got off work after lunch. Everyone except Hongyuan, which suffered production problems and had to stay until 17:00 as usual. Unfortuantely the girl with the car, Jiang Zhuyang (姜竹阳), works at Hongyuan. Doh! Anyway, when we finally made our way to Anshan we were greeted by a massive sea of of people...and a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles. The fact that all the shops close at 02:00 tonight probably explains the amount of people around. First we got some Christmas dinner at the foodcourt in Jingzijie Mall (景子街). The guys got a tray full of chicken's cartilage, but I opted for some regular rice-with-stir-fried-stuff instead. In the picture you see Zhang Yanan (张亚楠) wrestling with a piece of chicken. I also treated myself to not one, but two (!), portions of sweet, sweet milk pudding (双皮奶)! Mmm! By the way, one of the restaurants had a noodle-slicing-robot, how cool is that! Bellies full we headed over to the Parkson Mall (百盛) to get my jacket fixed. The amount of people inside was just unbelievable, I tell you. It was so hot and crowded that we almost gave up halfway to the fifth floor. Their policy is to never ever and under no circumstances replace what you bought or give you your money back, but instead had their in-house tailor repair it free of charge. Great, I came all this way to save, what, 5元 for the repairs? *Sigh* While they had my jacket fixed, I helped Wu Yang (吴洋) buy a down jacket of his own. On the way out we passed through Jingzijie again, the mall without heating, and saw this guy happily chowing down an ice cream. Dude, it is -17° outside and bloody cold inside as well, how about a little more respect for the winter season, okay? Well back at the car we got a small surprise: someone had completely blocked our parking space with their car! We had to go through a couple of the nearby bars until we found the responsible. Grrr! As if this was not enough, Jiang entered the wrong destination on her GPS which had us nearly getting lost on our way home (Anshan is a big city, 3.5 million people). What a day. Anyway, merry Christmas to you all!


"Hallå Johan, allt bra? Käkat upp chokladen än? Här på Tögmossen svullar vi på, mest hemmagjort godis och så en del choklad också. Maria, jag och Lovisa försökte motverka den givna utvecklingen genom att ge oss ut och springa idag, vet inte om det gör midjan så mycket smalare, men det känns iallafall bättre när man vräker i sig nästa gång!"

Lina, 2011-12-26

"Hej Johan! Mycket folk i 百盛... Vi såg inte dig på på Skype.God Jul!"

Lennart och Jean, 2011-12-25

"Vad tycker mamma om den nya leksaken då? :-)"

Johan, 2011-12-25

"Sitter här och kollar in bilderna på nya IPad-en. :-)"

Sr, 2011-12-25