China 2011/2012

LOCATION: 一品楼饭店 (辽阳)
DATE: 2011-12-23

The chairman is a really busy man, and first today did I get the chance to hand over the Dalahäst that I brought with me as a small token of my appreciation. I gave it to him a little after three in the afternoon, we talked for a while and that was that. Just before leaving he tells me that it just so happened that there were no customers requiring his attention tonight and he would like to have dinner with me. Sure. A little more than an hour later the two of us joined up with a bunch of managers and headed off to Liaoyang. I thought it was something he had been planning ahead of time, seeing as how busy he and the other managers are, but I was told later that was not the case. He just had his secretary arrange for those concerned to change all their plans and come with us instead. Made me feel kind of bad, I had no idea he would be so touched by a wooden horse... First we had dinner at Liaoyang's swankiest restaurant and then we went for karaoke next door. I had them order 锅包肉 (the sweet-and-sour pork dish) hehe~ A great evening with good company, tons of exquisite food and lots of singing. Me and Mr. Kou performed Friends (周华健 - 朋友) which was awarded with deafening applause. Probably most out of courtesy, but applause non the less! The Chairman somehow found out that I am about to celebrate my 25th birthday and had the karaoke bar go out and get me a bouquet of flowers. That is quite something, huh?


"God jul Johan! *<{:-}>>>"

Alexander, 2011-12-24

"God Jul! Vad blir det för god julmat för dig?"

Sr, 2011-12-24

"From left to right: Xu (徐总), Zhang (张睿), Kou (寇总), Tian (田总), me, Liu (刘总), the chairman (胡魁), Jin (金总), Wu Yang (吴洋), Wang (王姝月) and Sun (孙桂文). For my memory mostly..."

Johan, 2011-12-24