China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-23

Dare I officially declare the winter arrived? At least the blessed cold is here. Who would have thought that just a couple of degrees below zero could make even Chinese air seem fresh? We are getting extremely stormy weather once every couple of days, but in-between the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Do you see the brick chimney in the third picture? That is Wanxingda's own thermal power station. I hope it is fantastic at doing its job, as it is going to keep me warm when the temperature drops below -20°, which I am told will happen sooner rather than later. I had a quick dinner at Heping tonight. I have not been here for a while and the chef had forgotten that I don't want coriander in my food. [T_T] No matter, I still had some candy left from the wedding that I had when I got back to the office. The food better be better tomorrow, because I am out of candy...


" Du har ätit upp hela lådan av godis?! Oj..Jag hade tydligt underskattat dig på detta..:)"

caizi, 2011-11-24

"Jag skulle säga att det är sak samma. Kul fakta om presidentpresenten!"

Johan, 2011-11-24

"Pepsi? Kola? Who cares... eller?"

Michael, 2011-11-24

"Det var faktiskt Golden Monkey (金丝猴) från Shanghai och inte Big White Rabbit (大白兔) (även om jag tycker att smaken är densamma!). :-)"

Johan, 2011-11-23

"Å inte vicken ”leftover candy” som helst! ”In 1972, Premier Zhou Enlai used White Rabbit candies as a gift to American president Richard Nixon when the latter visited China” kan man läsa på nätet. Enjoy!"

Michael, 2011-11-23