China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-17

No time to do anything spectacularly unordinary today, just more dinner. Sorry. Wu Yang (吴洋) and Jiang Zhuyang (姜竹阳) craved noodles, but since I had hand-pulled noodles just the other day they agreed to at least have another kind of noodles today. 刀削面 means "knife-peeled noodles", that is, they peel big chunks of noodle....dough...into long strips instead of pulling and whipping them by hand. When we got there (central Shoushan) we were met by a small surprise: Sun Guiwen (孙桂文), the sales department's (me and Wu's department) department head decided to join us after all! It was Wu's treat tonight so we went crazy on the side orders, getting shredded seaweed and whatnot. We even specially ordered chili oil for extra spiciness. None of us can finish a big bowl of noodles at this place, as a small bowl is already plenty enough for one person to eat. One would have to be starving to manage to eat that much. I was disappointed to find that there were no good pictures of Sun from inside the restaurant, so I compensated for this fact by getting another one from outside as well. It was rainy today, but it cleared up towards the evening and I got a picture of the office building when we got home. They say that the temperature is going to drop tomorrow. For real this time. We'll see. I have been hearing such prophecies since I got here, and I am still not wearing my beanie (mössa).


"Nope, inga proteiner, bara grönsaker. Nudlarna kommer med typ 2 små köttbitar som mest tillsats för smakens skull. Men gott var det ändå! :-)"

Johan, 2011-11-19

"Side orders = proteiner? Verkar tunt med det på bilderna, men det ser riktigt gott ut!"

Sr, 2011-11-18

"Va hungrig man blir! Din lyckans ost!!"

Michael, 2011-11-18