China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-16

After yet another long day I decided to treat myself to some hand-pulled noodles. At the restaurant I just so happened to run into Zhang Xijun (张锡军), responsible for IT and connectivity at Wanxingda, and one of his friends from Honchang (no one I have met before though). They were going to play some pool after dinner and invited me to come along. Since today was laundry day I needed to get back to the dormitory...but I could not resist some evening pool tagged along to play a couple of rounds. Their usual place closed early tonight for some reason, so we went to the place Wu Yang took me the first time I played pool in Shoushan. The repairs were now finished and it had turned from a complete dump to a pretty classy place! On the way home I passed by the China Construction Bank, one of the few banks in Shoushan big enough to take VISA-cards. The last picture was taken just on the opposite side of the road from Zhengde, the mall. It is a sweet spot for taxis and you will find a bunch of them there any time of the day.


"Åke, de har två bord i samma byggnad som matsalen. Spana in 2011-11-12 så får du se! :-)"

Johan, 2011-11-18

"Johan ser ut att trivas, har du provat pingis ?..dom lär ha ett par bord i Kina."

Åke, 2011-11-18

"Riktigt snygga bilder, 24:an jobbar ;-)"

Alexander, 2011-11-17

"Vann en, förlorade en, sedan var jag tvungen att gå..."

Johan, 2011-11-17

"Hur gick matchen?"

Sr, 2011-11-16