China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-10

Yesterday I bought a 太给力了-sticker at the Zhengde Mall (正德商场), it translates roughly to "super awesome", which I stuck on the lid of my computer. Not one full day had passed before it, completely without provocation, just fell off (!) and stuck itself to the floor. It had to, of course, be just in front of my desk just to irk me a little extra, insinuating every time I sit down or stand up that the floor is more 给力 than my computer. Grrr! After work me and Wu Yang thought it would nice to try some goose for dinner. Went to the porrige-place (2011-09-30) that kept me going when my bowel got inflamed. The owner apparently got sick of porrige since I came here last time and switched to stewing geese instead. It tasted much like duck and tasted nice, albeit with a little too much bone (and goose head) for my taste. But, we solved that problem by taking the leftovers with us and giving them to Wangwang. He is very obedient and would not touch the bones until we feed them to him. But once given to him, he made it very clear the we were not getting them back. Ever. Mrs. Zhao has invested in a new jumpsuit for Wangwang so he won't get cold when the winter comes, which I by the way hear is supposed to be extra cold this year...


"Finns mycket som man inte ätit tydligen...det ser spännande ut att gå till en restaurang i Kina."

Åke, 2011-11-18

"Verkar som att du också föredrar filén och tog resten som "doggybag" till Wangwang"

Sr, 2011-11-11

"Fru Zhao skulle kanske köpt vargkläder istället för hundkläder..."

Johan, 2011-11-11

"Omeletten ( eller vad det nu är) ser lockande ut. Ben och huvud är vi inte riktigt vana med! Lilla Wangwang är för söt. Undrar om vinterdressen räcker om det blir en vargavinter?"

Ma, 2011-11-10

"Du får ta och vara lite mer öppensinnad, hörrudu! Gås vet jag inte, men Peking-anka har du ju alltid..."

Johan, 2011-11-10

"Tappar aptiten bara jag ser bilden av anrättningen. Kan man inte beställa "filé-ad gås? "

Sr, 2011-11-10