China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-07

After a long and well deserved rest, I checked out from the hotel and was picked up by Chen and Zhang and driven to the train station. They did not stay with me to wait for the train; because of the heavy traffic in the area, cars are allowed to drop people off at the station but not stay. Instead Wu Qianyi met up with me for a quick lunch. People are not allowed to accompany D-train travelers onto the platforms, but we pulled the old "he is a lone foreigner who needs all the help he can get" and Qianyi was let in. Works every time. Well on the train, I quickly got to work on the 500-or-so photographs that I (and Yawei) had taken these two days in Beijing. My battery lasted a surprising 1.5 hours before giving in, after which I mostly slept. The bus back to Shoushan didn't leave until 19:00, which gave me almost two hours in Shenyang. There was a "Real Kung Fu"-restaurant (Chinese fast food) at the station, sporting huge pictures of Bruce Lee and promising delicious all-steamed food. It was not nearly as good as I have been told. Not recommended. To compensate I got an ice-cream at KFC and then hung out at the bus station. I got back to the dormitory at around 21, again completely exhausted after a long journey.


"Bara det bästa är gott nog för marskalkerna! [^_~]"

Johan, 2011-11-10

"Hallå! Mkt schysst hotellrum måste jag säga, inte riktigt som de jag bodde i när jag var där! Men du har kanske kommit upp dig lite nu... ;)"

Lina, 2011-11-09

"Peking är häftigt, men oerhört stort och med massor av människor. Shoushan är mycket mer hanterbart. :-)"

Johan, 2011-11-09

"Du var stilig i din nya outfit! Och bestman-sysslorna fungerade också till belåtenhet?!Roligt att se bilderna. Brudklänningen såg ut som läcker maräng! "

Ma, 2011-11-08

"Är det skönt att vara tillbaks "hemma" eller var det bättre i Peking?"

Sr, 2011-11-08