China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-04

Busy day today! This Sunday Chen and Zhang is getting married and I am leaving for Beijing early tomorrow morning. I dropped of my shoes for cleaning, but since I only brought one pair of shoes I had to get me a pair of Chinese "Old Beijing" cloth shoes (I don't want to get my new shoes dirty before the wedding). 14元, a bargain even without haggling. After work I got me a shave at the same place as last time, but just a regular shave this time (20元) as I was short on time. Once the lower half of my face was put in order, I went over to 晓亮发艺 (Xiao Liang Hair Art) to fix the top half as well. I was lucky, my man 赵海军 (Zhao Haijun) was ready to get to work on my modestly populated scalp right away. When both beard and hair was taken care of it was time for dinner. There is this place at the Small Roundabout that I am really tempted to give a shot, but never quite find the guts to actually try. You see, they have a Mao-poster on the wall which is a clear indication of awesomeness, but there is never anyone eating there! I have a firm principle and that is to never eat at an empty restaurant. If a place have food worth eating there are bound to be others eating there. Instead I grabbed a quick meal at a place I know is good. My last errand before going back to the dorm and getting my luggage in order was to pick up my shoes. Unfortunately the scumbag laundry closed early today. Grrr! Good thing that cloth shoes are so fashionable.


"Vill inte använda de före brölloppet. Gatorna i Kina är inte direkt rena, om jag säger så..."

Johan, 2011-11-05

"Skorna som du skulle ha på bröllopet? "

Sr, 2011-11-05