China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-11-02

This time I left my shirts at a new place where they only charge 3元/shirt, since 5元 is just preposterous, right? Actually, more than anything else it was because my driver didn't want to go that extra kilometer to get to my regular place. He gets off work as soon as he has dropped me off at the dormitory you see. As I was already at Commerce Avenue, I dropped by my favourite corner store to get some breakfast. I was getting bread and spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out the bloody difference between the orange and the green bag, the specifications were identical! Eventually I noticed that the green one was of a different brand. Why just copy one aspect of a winning concept wen you can steal all of it? In the shop I overheard an argument over the price of rice between an old gentleman and the shop owner; the man felt that the price was a little steep while the owner asserted that it was very competitively priced. The man suddenly notices me and, rather surprised, says: "Oh. A foreigner!" The quick-witted owner immediately adds: "You see, our prices are so good even the foreigners come here!" Classic. Despite being aware of the danger, I decided to try something off the roadside barbecues tonight. It was nice, but I was somewhat distracted by my stomache chanting "Boy, you are going to get it gooood!". You know what? I only got very, very slight diarrhea tonight. Could it be that my stomache is slowly adapting to the local bacterial culture?


"Jag köpte den gröna. ;-)"

Johan, 2011-11-03

"Jag skulle köpa brödet i den gröna påsen. Tjejen på förpackningen är ju märkbart snyggare. Ett tydligt tecken på kvalitet. Avd: Självklart ;-)"

Henke, 2011-11-03

"20200202? 20211202?"

Johan, 2011-11-02

"Kina behöver mer riktigt bröd."

Alexander, 2011-11-02


jia xu, 2011-11-02

"Trevligt att du noterat det! När blir det nästa gång?"

Sr, 2011-11-02

"Have you noticed that today's date is a palindrome? 20111102? [^_^]"

Johan, 2011-11-02