China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-31

Kang Wei (康伟) had promised to help me buy a few of things that I needed (dumbbells, a wireless router, a necklace), so off we went. But first we went by his home to pick up some things. That is where I saw these ladies cleaning windows in a rather adventurous way. Kang's wife runs a shop selling Korean-style bedding in a huge mall called Le Xue (乐雪商场, "Happy Snow") in Anshan, which we thought would be as good a place as any to start looking. Just outside the mall I saw this kid with his hair cut in the shape of the letters "LLA", anyone knows what it might mean? The dumbbells were the easiest to find as 15kg is as heavy as they get, even in Anshan. Next on the list: a router. This one was easy as well; there was a whole floor of just computer related stuff. 90元 for a TP-LINK 54MBit router sounds just about right to me. And lastly, a necklace to go along with the jade (西安蓝田玉) Bodhisattva my tenants (高天 & 邱玲) gave me. After some heavy bargaining Kang Wei got the price of the beads down from 1元 to 0.8元 a piece (89 beads) and then an extra 16元 off the total price. For someone who isn't an expert on jade jewelry, I would say he did pretty well in getting a 33% discount. Finally I have some proper dumbbells, wireless internet in my room and a necklace I don't have to fear will snap at any second.


"I Sverige märker vi upp barens kläder inte själva ungen. Fint halsband - innebär "gubben" hälsa, lycka rikedom...eller allt på en gång?"

Ma, 2011-11-01

"Ja, det var tanken. Oklart vad det betyder. Vad jag förstår så är det vanligt att killar bär en bodhisattva medan tjejer bär en buddha."

Johan, 2011-11-01

"Har du tänkt bära halsbandet själv? Vad betyder/innebörden av smycket i jade? "

Sr, 2011-11-01