China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-28

Even though it is not quite weekend yet, I still felt like I needed to get away from the dormitory and do something and relax a little after a busy week. But not without dinner at Heping, of course. Today I got 木须肉, a mix of pork, egg, carrots, cucumber and...a mushroom (木耳, Auricularia Auricula-Judae). I decided to go to Minghai once more, I like their tables and the people working there. I think I'm going to make it "my pool place" for the remainder of my visit. Apart from He (何 or 小羽) which I played with last time, there was a whole bunch of other guys who wanted to play tonight. Who does not want to beat a foreigner in pool? I actually played pretty well tonight and only lost to two of them. I am sooo getting my own table once I get a job and an appartment. I hear that there are tables that convert into a dining table in order to save space. I asked how business has been lately, and I got the answer: "not great", but that it was expected. Before they turn on the public heating at the first of November, a lot of people think that it is too cold and thus stay at home instead. Furthermore, He (何) told me that he is working 9-to-9 every day with only two days off each month. Ouch. At least it is not heavy work...


"Dags för konjunkturrapporterande, eller?"

Johan, 2011-10-28

"Hmpf, 9-9 det är väl ingenting. Jag har precis kört 9-04 och är bittrare än någonsin. Till min tröst är väl att det inte är varje dag det är så, och även om jag jobbade hela helgen så kommer summan av mina lediga dagar den här månaden att överstiga två..."

Miserabel och sur (Lina), 2011-10-28

"Du kan få ha ditt bord på Tögmossen. Där har du bra möjligheter att vinna varje gång."

Sr, 2011-10-28