China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-26

Today was very unremarkable. Perhaps the most out of the ordinary thing that happened today was me riding the black Volkswagen Santana to work (the white Mazda was already away on other business). By the way, the reason that there is a white Mazda among Wanxingda's black cars to begin with, is that a customer didn't have the money to pay an outstanding invoice a few years back and handed over the car as payment instead. The highlight of the day was our daily raid of Wu Yang's snack-stash for Snickers and cookies (he is still not back from his business trip). We already emptied it last week, but felt bad and filled it up again. I suspect we might need to go to Hezun to replenish his drawer once more before he gets back. Today we tried the brand new raspberry/blueberry-flavoured Oreos. Verdict: skip. I am a little bit of a raspberry connoisseur and this might have been the most artificial raspberry flavour I have ever tasted. A lot like cheap banana flavours made from esters. At lunch the old joker Bai Guojun (白国军, see 26th September for a picture) borrowed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures. He caught a decent picture of me and Zhang Rui (张睿), the resident English expert at Hongchang. Her English is actually quite good, apart from the occasional mispronunciation she has no problem talking about just about anything. For dinner I had what might just be the best thing I have had since I came here: 肉炒菜花红萝卜 (stir-fried pork, cauliflower and carrots). Another one of my custom dishes. I have to try and sneak-a-peek of how the chef whips this dish up, it would be neat to learn some Chinese kitchen tricks. I am seriously considering investing in another pair of dumbbells. The most I can stack on one of the ones I have now is 22.5kg, still a little on the light side. Also that way I only have one dumbbell to work with, which is kind of limiting as well. I might go to Anshan this Sunday, if so I'll keep an eye out for new dumbbells. One would think that Liaoning Province's fourth largest city, if any, would have some.


"Var det förresten inte italienaren från "Pumping Iron" som spelade den förste Hulken? :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-27

"Du kan ju bli den förste som går till en kinesisk träningsbutik och säger: "Jag vill köpa YTTERLIGARE en uppsättning av era tyngsta hantlar". När ryktet om detta spridit sig så får du ett samtal med erbjudande om huvudrollen i den kinesiska inspelningen av Hulken ;-)"

Henke, 2011-10-26

"Jag föreslår att du tar dina vikter till en metallverkstad och ber dem att förlänga axeln."

Alexander, 2011-10-26

"Visst, men det är tråkigt. Mer vikter!"

Johan, 2011-10-26

"Om du bara håller ut och gör tillräckligt många övningar i sträck med 22,5kg så kommer det att bli tungt nog. Det är jag säker på. "

Sr, 2011-10-26