China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-24

The director of the sales department, Kou Hongyan (寇洪岩) has been out on different business trips for the last two weeks, and to celebrate that he is done for this time (some kind of industrial fair in Beijing) we went to the Golden Hans in Anshan! It is a "German" buffé restaurant with beer and barbecue as their specialties. The buffé was decent, but the real reason you come here is the 20-or-so different kinds of meat and sausage that they have. The meat is served to you from large skewers one sort at the time at the table. The beer was good and uncomplicated; there were one kind of lager, one ale and one "other". The "other" was a just recently introduced coffee flavoured lager. Quite nice actually! The staff handed out these green beer glasses with the text "The drinks on me", but no one seemed to understand what it said! They implement a very effective way of keeping people from hanging around for too long: a time limit of 2.5 hours. Around halfway in they came by with some kind of lottery, you drew a ticket from a huge box with the chance of winning "amazing prizes". I was honoured to represent our table, and won a glass of coffee beer! Wohoo! We had a great time (partly because the Golden Hans does not serve any hard liquor) and I feel I really connected with the house singer (she waved at me once). Finally, before leaving we just had to get a picture of me and Kou in the cardboard cutouts at the entrance. But how do you settle who should be the girl? Rock-Paper-Scissors of course! I won, but chose the girl anyway. Unfortunately that picture turned out far too blurry to use. [T_T] In the last picture, the gang outside the restaurant. For my own memory mostly, from the left: Jin (金), Zhang (张), Ye (叶), Kou (寇), Wang (王), Kang (康), Jiang (姜).


"Jadå, där fanns det kött så att det räckte och blev över. :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-25

"Glada gänget är i farten!! Trevligt initiativ av chefen."

Ma, 2011-10-25

"Var det tilräckligt med proteiner på det här stället?"

Sr, 2011-10-25