China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-23

My old friend from Xi'an, Wu Yanli (吴艳丽), is currently studying in Xiamen (厦门, just opposite of Taiwan) and wanted to send me some local specialties (cookies). Unfortunately, the company she used for sending me the package, Huitong Express Delivery (汇通快递), is possibly the ONLY company that does not deliver to Shoushan. So yesterday I got a call from Huitong, asking me to come and pick up my package. They called at lunch and the call went something like this: "Hello! You have a package, please pick it up as soon as possible at Wenshengquzhonghuadajie yibaozhongxinxicehutongnei." Since I had no idea what place they were refering to, I handed the phone over to Mrs. Liu (the owner of Heping Restaurant, remember?). It took her almost 10 (!) minutes to get the address (文圣区中华大街医保中心西侧胡同内), phone number and reference number right, and her Chinese is WAY better than mine. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me. Anyway, today I took off at lunch, showing the address on the back of my receipt to a taxi driver, and off we went. The thing is, Shoushan taxi drivers are not that familiar with Liaoyang, so he just dropped me off somewhere along Zhonghua Avenue and told me that this was it. I had to ask for the way 5 times before I found it, and it turned out to be a 1.7km walk from where he dropped me off. Bastard! It was located in a small alleyway and was not visible from the main road, definitely tricky to find. At least they had a cute parrot. I didn't find a taxi back home right away, so I began walking west, thinking one would come by any minute. But none did. Instead I came upon this small café: BIG EARS. How can you pass up on a hot drink at a place with a name like that? My curiosity was rewarded with an awesome Oero and cream milk tea. After gathering my strength I went out hunting for taxis again. As it so happened, I found one just outside a church! Now that is something you don't see everyday around here.


"Jag tycker det är modigt att ge sig ut i det okända på det sättet, men du klarar ju av sådana utmaningar utmärkt, tycks det!!!"

Ma, 2011-10-23

"Nu skall vi inte börja klaga, utan komma ihåg att en kinesisk medelsvensson kanske varit tvungen att ta en buss i stället för taxi... Hoppas kakorna smakade!"

Michael, 2011-10-23

"Verkar vara en fin kyrka! Vilken församling är det?"

Sr, 2011-10-23