China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-20

After yet another long, long day in front of my computer I decided that I deserved a break this evening. After a quick dinner at Heping I grabbed a taxi outside the gate and headed downtown. I was lucky tonight, I didn't even have to wait 5 minutes for a taxi to come along this time. The cabbie (小杨) was about my age and was nice enough to offer to pick me up when I was done at the pool hall, an offer I accepted. This time I tried a new place, a place I had passed by a few days earlier when taking a taxi home. I noticed it because it looked like a nice place. The exterior turned out to match the interior, which is always a pleasant surprise in China. As with most places I go, people are quite curious about foreigners, especially those who come without a Chinese escort. After clearing a couple of tables warming up, I played with three of the guys on the staff: He (何), Shao (卲) and Yang (杨), all of which, not surprisingly, were a couple of leagues better than me. We ended up playing a game where you hunt your opponents, punishing them with push-ups for every ball you sink. Since shit got real, I got my game together and, although I got punished, I made them do more push-ups than they made me do! Since it was my first visit to their pool hall, this hour was on the house (otherwise 13元/hour). When I went outside to meet up with my newfound cabbie friend, he was nowhere to be found. Standing perplexed as I just got off the phone with him, he came running just a minute later. He got a flat tire coming in on the road outside the pool hall, but fortunately there were a repair shop just 50m down the road from the pool hall. It costs 10元 to repair a tire, but all taxis get a special discount of 5元. There will be planned maintainance of the electric grid in this area tomorrow and it is unclear when electricity will be back. Therefore there might not be any new pictures until Saturday, so you all know.


"Rökfritt kan jag berätta att det inte var, dock var det inte så mycket folk igår kväll, så det var inte så farligt. Bara te på flaska. :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-21

"Snygg biljardhall. När du kommer till Sthlm nästa gång så får vi besöka en här i stan. Till Sr: borde ha liknande armaturer."

Kozub, 2011-10-20

"En sådan belysning skulle jag gärna vilja ha över diskbänken i verkstaden. Återförsäljare i Sverige?"

Sr, 2011-10-20

"Det verkar vara en rökfri lokal!? Serverar de grönt te med tilltugg?"

Sr, 2011-10-20

"Note the "Angry Birds" T-shirt that He was wearing. :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-20