China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-19

More literature reviewing and overtime today. My muse must have taken the day off, because my photographic inspiration was markedly absent. Instead of more pictures of the office, I present to you Liaoyang's Qingnianhu Gongyuan amusement park (青年湖公园)! I went there in late September, back when I did not yet have a literature review to worry about. It is a middle-sized amusement park with a small lake in the middle. Why were there no "Battlefield laser guns" when I was a kid? Awesome big green cars with big guns circling on a track shooting monstrous monsters...and a white-pants Batman. :-S At one of the swinging pirateships two girls displayed a remarkable lack of respect for personal safety: standing in the swing while swinging! This was of course something that I just had to document with a picture, something they found enormously embarrasing, which is why I shot an extra couple of pictures, taking my time. We started at the south gate, walked to the "ZNortht gate" and then back, completing the lap around the lake. Not that much people when we were there, but we went pretty early in the day. I hear it is a popular place in the evening, the amusement park filled not only with merry-go-rounds, but street food and stands selling all kinds of stuff. Apart from the laser guns, the floating ball thingies actually looked kind of fun. Another thing I can't remember Liseberg having when I was a kid.


"Betyder att Pappa är kung! All annan tolkning är långsökt."

Sr, 2011-10-20

"Jag funderade på det jag med. Kunde dock inte se några rester av ett "r" så jag antar att de körde på "Pa king". :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-20

"Stod det "Pa king" eller saknades det ett r? Det fungerar iofs i båda fallen ;-). Jag blir alltid nyfiken på skapandehistorien bakom kinesiska skyltar. Ha det fortsatt bra!"

Alexander, 2011-10-19