China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-17

How happy is Kang Wei that it is lunchtime? This happy! Since I am going to hang around the canteen from now on, I decided to get myself a proper bowl and some sticks. I know the food might look like much, but it tastes okay. Way, way better than what you get on airplanes for those of you who wonder. It is impressive how quickly my colleagues eat: they leave the office at 12 sharp, walk to the canteen, stand in line, order, eat, go back, all before 12:15. 0_0 I guess it is to get as much sleep during the lunch break as possible. The tea I bought when I got here (some cheap Biluochun) is definitely not the best I have had, and after complaining out loud about it a few times I was recommended this little place outside Zhengde (正德, the only other supermarket in Shoushan except Hezun). Yishunuan (the blue sign) is a shop selling tailored, warm underwear, but the owner (杨良云) and his wife come from Fujian Province (the one opposite Taiwan) in the south and are heavy tea-drinkers. At the beginning they were only "importing" tea for themselves to drink, but the word about their high quality Tieguanyin (铁观音) spread and now they are selling some on the side as hobby. I love buying tea: you sit down, drink, talk and sample until you find a kind you like. If you don't find anything to your liking, then that is fine too. I spent quite a while at their shop, chatting and getting an introduction to this kind of tea. I ended up buying 100g of autumn tea. I was told that the best tea is the winter tea, as the leaves grow the slowest and picks up the most flavour when the weather is cold. I was promised to be given a phone call when they get their first batch of winter Tieguanyin. Sitting in their small shop drinking tea, I must say I got mighty tempted to buy a set of long johns in some crazy fabric just for the hell of it. Maybe I will when the weather gets a little bit colder.


"Jag ska kolla vad de tar för en sådan, hehe! [^_^]"

Johan, 2011-10-17

"En vanlig fråga när man möttes förr i tiden, som ett alernativ till ‘Har du käkat?’ var ‘Hur många lager har du på dig?’ Varför låter du inte skräddaren från Fujian fixa dig en riktig femton-kilos (=mängden vadd) vinterrock för arbetare i blått som det står ‘安全生产’ på? Sedan klarar du dig utan problem även i den värsta manchuriska snöyran!"

Michael, 2011-10-17

"För att kunna matcha den tiden så skulle jag behöva sked eller möjligen en gaffel...."

Sr, 2011-10-17