China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-16

Finally weekend! Boy, do I have lots of things to take care of today! Get a haricut, look for clothes for the wedding (Caizi's), buy next week's breakfast, pick up some photographs, get a workout and finally get on Skype and talk with friends and family (not to mention prepare today's photographs). Just my luck that there were no taxis to be found when I set out at lunch. Not even one of those three-wheeled tuk-tuk things! After waiting for quite a while, I decided to start walking towards Shoushanzhan and Tiexi (铁西) and grab a taxi as soon as one passed by. I ended up walking all the way. Grr! >_< At least I got some nice pictures along the way. The white building in the second picture: I like how they only tore down half of it to give way for the bridge. Why demolish more than you have to? When I eventually got to Shoushanzhan I still had to wait before I got a taxi. Usually you have to wait no more than 5 minutes before one passes by, I don't know where they had all taken off to today. I ended up sharing one just to get into town. I found some nice clothes at 柒牌 and 七匹狼 that I think will do, but I will go back again tomorrow together with Kang Wei to get a second opinion. Also, it feels better to bring someone Chinese along since I'm going to spend quite a bit of money. It is kind of sad to find Chinese clothes that actually fits. Says something about how much muscles I have lost this last year... Another realization was that decent clothes costs quite a lot. A nice pair of pants or a nice shirt will set you back 500元 and a nice suit around 1500. When window-shopping I came upon these mannequins. What is up with Chinese mannequins anyway? There are some really strange dummies out there (China 2008/2009, 2008-11-01). The first two are strange, but the third one is just plain creepy, like someone kicked him in the groin and he likes it. After 7 hours of shopping and walking I grabbed a quick dinner at Heping, 溜肉段 (pork rolled in flour and fried), and headed back home. A long day today, and it is back to work tomorrow. *Sigh*


"Jag hittade inte kostymen i Lund, jag misstänker att den fortfarande är kvar i Västerås..."

Johan, 2011-10-17

"Fick en fundering; de två från Lund som också ska till bröllopet, kan inte de ta med din kostym, så behöver du inte köpa en ny för dyra pengar?? "

Ma, 2011-10-16

"Du hade i varje fall tur med vädret under din promenad till stan! "

Sr, 2011-10-16

"Hej Johan! Lovisa var i VLT. Det var en bilaga som beskrev olika skolor i Västerås."

Lennart på Bäckby, 2011-10-16