China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-14

There was a change of management at the canteen yesterday: it is now contracted out to an external company. It was decided at Hongchang that starting today, management is to eat together with their respective departments at the canteen. This means no more buffés of dishes in a private room. [T_T] The information about this change (that made it to me at least) was somewhat scarce, so I just accompanied the guys at the marketing department to the canteen, guessing that everything would eventually get sorted out once there. It did, but not without leaving me completely confused. When I set foot in the canteen, from out of nowhere a guy I have never met before hands me a card, says it has 200元 on it, turns around and leaves. Then three different managers gave me different directions for where to stand in line, how to order, how to use the card, how to pay and how much. Standing there and trying to take everything in in the middle of a throng of hungry workers rushing to buy food (you have to be quick or you don't get any meat) was rather confusing. Before I got a chance to even finish reading the menue, someone had already arranged a tray with food for me and put it on the table. Oh, well. I'll try myself tomorrow then. The picture of the queue was taken sitting at the table when 3/4 of the workers had already got their food. It was almost like watching someone feeding a score of swarming geese. Each department have their own table, the red signs on the tables states which department it belongs to (销售部 = sales department). Yesterday Wu Yang (吴洋) was informed that he is to prepare for a business trip with the aim of fishing for new business in the south, starting on Monday next week. The first stop is Shanghai, followed by Ningbo (just outside Shanghai) and then Quanzhou (泉州). It is company policy that non-management travels by train, which in this case means 27 hours (!!!) Liaoyang-Shanghai and then another 8 to Quanzhou. Alltogether the trip is estimated to take anywhere from 10 to 20 days, depending on the amount of companies he visits. It is difficult to convey with words how much Wu is NOT looking forward to this trip, haha! Just look at the map, that are some huge distances that he has to cover! Last and least is Gösta the Ladybug, my new colleague, we are going to share desk for as long as he pleases.


"Alltså, jag gillar kinesisk husmanskost. Hade kantinen bara haft lite mer kött i maten så hade jag varit hur nöjd som helst! "

Johan, 2011-10-15

"Jag gissar att maten smakar ungefär som den gör på Hemma hos Greken eller Valvet i Lund, eller? Hur som helst säkert bättre än i cafeterian på SOL-Centrum. Ah!"

Michael, 2011-10-15

"Vem ska du nu ut och shoppa med när Wu Yang drar iväg på tjänsteresa??? Maten liknar lite flygplansmat, i olika fack.Smakar maten lika om tidigare?"

Ma, 2011-10-14

"By the way, Liaoyang-Shanghai-Quanzhou is 2714 km, it is like driving from Stockholm to Rome (2558 km)! :-0"

Johan, 2011-10-14

"啊 好想吃啊…… 你在中国好好照顾自己哦:)"

Amanda, 2011-10-14

"Det finns chili i fönstret om han blir hungrig. :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-14

"Vad matar du Gösta med? Det verkar inte vara så mycket växter inomhus."

Sr, 2011-10-14