China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-13

I still remember the grand show at the Big Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, so when I heard about a big fountain show here in Shoushan I naturally had to check it out. Shoushan Garden is just in front of Hezun (the mall I keep going to), so it is not far from the office at all. There are two mountains in the area: Mt Shou just outside Shoushan and Liangtingshan (凉亭山) in Shoushan Garden. "Shou" means first and Shoushan means "the First Mountain", as it is the first mountain in a mountain range beginning just north of Anshan). Liangtingshan means "Gazebo Mountain" and is a smallish mountain with a pavilion on top, surrounded by gardens with several small ponds. We (me and Wu Yang, of course) decided against visiting the pavilion as it was getting late and we didn't want to miss the fountains. When we got to the ponds we quickly noted the absence of any other fountain-watchers. We asked a passerby about the fountain show and were told that there is no fixed schedule for the show, if the guys operating the fountain are in a good mood there will be a fountain show, if not, well, then there won't be. They were obviously in a pretty bad mood today, because the shack from which they operate the fountains was dark, locked and empty. Lazy bastards! Besides the gardens there is also a big open square where people gather at night to dance. The dancers were all women exept for one guy, the old dude in the front wearing a white tracksuit. It was difficult to tell whether he was leading the pack or just dancing like a boss, but he sure has got some sweet moves! Disco-Stu would definitely approve. On the opposite side of the square another group of people were practicing some kind of waltz I think. Since there were no fountain-action tonight we headed back home. The last picture is on the road back to downtown Shoushan (if you follow this road straight on you get to the tunnel under the railway).


"It seems that you had a nice day yesterday,hehe."

Yanli, 2011-10-14

"Inte än! Inte säker på att min gammeldator klarar av Lion dock, hehe. [^_^]"

Johan, 2011-10-14

"Jersey Shore har som tur är inte nått hit än..."

Johan, 2011-10-14

"du får hundra kr om du ställer dig längst fram och får alla att dansa markoolio-dansen imorrn ;-) skitsnygga bilder annars! btw. har du hunit prova os x lion och ios5 än? iz naaaiiz"

Henke, 2011-10-13

"och så skulle du ju även behöva ha vita sneakers ser jag ..."

Sr, 2011-10-13

"Du skulle passa i en vit kostym!"

Sr, 2011-10-13

"Du såg ingen som körde fist pumping a la Jersey Shore?"

Alexander, 2011-10-13