China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-11

Today some pictures from the office! First out you see me hard at work on my thesis, armed as always with my trusty Bose QC15 headphones (without them I don't think I would get anything done). In the second picture you see two of my colleagues: the name of the left one I have already forgotten, but the right one is Kang Wei (康维). Kang Wei is a really nice guy, but his accent is quite heavy, which makes talking to him rather difficult. Fortunately he does not mind Wu Yang (吴洋) translating for me, hehe. Today is a special day. Why? Because I bought my first digital music album today! Through DoubanFM I found out about a really nice Lisa Ekdahl album, but after trying to download it for several days only to find that the rip was complete crap, I decided to just buy it instead (SEK 81). The router that Bai Zhoutong (白洲通) installed in our room was apparently only lent to us by one of his colleagues, who came and picked it up the day before yesterday. After just one day without wireless Internet I was more than ready to go buy a new router myself. So today I had two errands to make after work: develop the picture of me and Mrs. Liu (the owner of the restaurant Heping) and buying a router. Kang Wei told me of a place that develops photographs, which I had Wu Yang help me find (it was kind of off the beaten path, see picture 4 & 5). Unfortunately, when we eventually got to the biggest electronics market in Shoushan (首山), Suning (苏宁), we found out that it closes at 17:30 on weekdays (we got there at 17:38). So me and Wu had dinner at the food court at Hezun - The Living Mall instead. Wu has decided to loose some weight and starting today he is not to eat anything in the evening. Naturally, I had to eat an extra basket of dumplings just because I can and he can't, haha!


"Is it cold in 马鞍山?It is still summer time in Xiamen. Quite hot."

Yanli, 2011-10-14

"My favourite so far is "I'll be around". :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-13

"Give me that slow knowing smile is a nice song. :-)"

caizi, 2011-10-12

"Din insats vid hörlursköpandet kommer icke att förglömmas!"

Johan, 2011-10-11

"Vet inte, tycker också att det är på tok för tidigt. På helgen stänger de i alla fall 18:00. :-S"

Johan, 2011-10-11

"Snyggt din tröja gör sig mot allt vitt och svart på kontoret! Och kul att jag gjorde en insats för ditt välbefinnande iom hörlurarna! "

Lina, 2011-10-11

"När skall man hinna handla om de stänger så tidigt? De kanske har öppet hela helgen i stället?"

Sr, 2011-10-11