China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-09

Aaaaaah, sleeping in! The first picture is me still in bed at 10:30, listening to the beating rain and the rolling thunder. Could this be the best feeling there is? Since the Chinese had a whole week off thanks to the National Day last Saturday, this weekend was "cancelled out" (they can't let people loose for too long, now can they?). Therefore, it felt extra good to stay in bed knowing that everyone else was at work! I decided to stay at home since 1) I busied myself with my thesis all week when the Chinese were staying at home, and 2) I went to the office yesterday (!). No way I will go in on a Sunday as well! When I finally got out of bed I spent the afternoon washing, working out and catching up on some other stuff. Once more I proved to myself that having nothing but Snickers for lunch is not such a good a idea if you expect to have a workout the very same afternoon. The washing mashine is in the face-washing-room on the second floor (I live on the fourth). The corridor just outside is populated by a HUGE spider. The picture does by no means do it justice, but I tell you, that thing is bigger than a Swedish 5kr coin! To spoil myself a little extra this Sunday, me and Wu Yang had two of my favourite Chinese dishes for dinner: 地三鲜 (fried potatoes, green peppers and eggplant) and 锅包肉 (sweet and sour pork)! The lady in the picture is Mrs. Liu (刘姐), the owner of the restaurant (Heping). We had a rather late dinner and were the only guests, so I decided to grasp this opportunity and arranged for a picture to be taken.


"Haha, det förklarar varför de låter spindeln vara kvar! Nätet är numera så stort att man måste akta sig när man går förbi."

Johan, 2011-10-09

"Nix, inte stark alls. På morgonen är det kanske runt 5-6°men det går upp till runt 20°på dagen. Men det ska bli kallt snart sägs det..."

Johan, 2011-10-09

"Gläds du åt den stora fina spindeln! Den har alltid betraktats som ett gott omen i kinesisk kultur! Se här: "

Michael, 2011-10-09

"Maten ser god ut. Är den starkt kryddad? Vi hade ca +2,7C imorse. Är det kallt hos er också?"

Lennart på Bäckby, 2011-10-09

"Är det kallt inne på restaurangen? Borde det inte vara varmare vid spisen?"

Sr, 2011-10-09