China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-07

Another day another lunch. Funny thing, yesterday the meat-to-vegetable ratio of my meal was close to 9-1 and cost 18元, today it was more like 2-8 but still cost me 14元! Weird. Have you ever eaten the flower stalk of garlic as a vegetable? It is common in China and tastes really good. Do you know if it is something that you can buy in Sweden? I can't remember seeing it at the supermarket... Picture 2 and 3 show the sunny side of my dormitory as well as Boji Electric's workshop ("Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction rate"). The dumbbells I bought, although the biggest they had, are already turning out to be a little on the light side. The only thing I can do is gather all the weights on one of them. Wu Yang is starting to become a little sceptical of the gym that is about to open here in Shoushan. Apparently it has happened before that this kind of thing is just a scam to get people to sign up and pay for a membership and then they just take off with the money. We'll just have to wait and see. Tonight me and Wu Yang went to Hezun (贺尊), "the Living Mall", to buy some breakfast and some cleaning utensils. My back and shoulders have been feeling stiff of late, so on the way back home we went to get a shower and a massage at Xinsheng Bathhouse (馨圣洗浴). A pretty funny feeling getting completely scrubbed down by a man wearing only underwear while lying butt naked on a bench in a room full of naked men. When in Rome, do as the Romans, I guess. Actually, there were soo many naked guys that we had to wait almost an hour for our scrubbing. Once finished bathing on the first floor, we went upstairs for a massage, which was nothing short of torture. My neck and lower back have quite a few sore spots which my masseuse (the best one they had, I was told afterwards) swiftly found and heartily got to work on. One thing that kind of freaked me out was that while I was writhing in agony on the bed, all of the establishment's other masseuses came by‚ one by one, to look at and touch my white, white skin. Weird, weird, weird! I feel a lot better already, but I fear that I have to come back at least once more before my back is back to normal again. 呜呜呜


"Glad to see you're keeping strong Johan! And, Healthy too! I knew you would find a place for massages right away, Haha."

Erik, 2011-10-12


Johan, 2011-10-09

"There is flower stalk of garlic available in some supermarkets in Sweden. But the price, errrr, is much much more expensive than any kind of meat! :("

caizi, 2011-10-09

"Jadå, den stod säkert för hela 15-20元 av det jag betalade för hela besöket."

Johan, 2011-10-08

"Tortyren fick du betala dyrt för?"

Sr, 2011-10-08

"Oh, and the whole shebang at the bathhouse came in at 45元. [^_^]"

Johan, 2011-10-08