China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-10-05

I didn't go out much today, have mostly stuck around my "office" reading articles about the procurement of logistics services. I had lunch at Heping (和平饭店) again and it was nice (木须肉). I have been expecting rain for some time now. The wind has been blowing stronger and stronger the last few days and today there was lightning as well. When I went back to Heping for dinner in the afternoon it was already pitch black outside. I took the opportunity to take a nice and contrasty picture of the Wanxingda logo on my way out. Just like every time I come here, I had a bottle of Lipton rip-off ice tea this time too. Today I was lucky enough to get one of the 200,000,000 "Have another bottle"-bottle caps! Wohoo! Of course, to compensate for this massive stroke of luck, fate had to immediately intervene, and so the rain started pouring down just as I was about to leave the restaurant. When it became clear that it was not going to stop anytime soon, I headed home anyway, getting soaked even though the restaurant is just outside of the gates. Apparently there had been a traffic accident just outside the gates when I was waiting at the restaurant for the rain to stop (likely because of the sudden downpour from the heavens). Just as I took the picture of the commotion, lightning struck and lit up the sky, if you wonder why it is so bright even though it is night. Now I am going to throw my dumbbells around for a while and get a shower. See you for some more pictures tomorrow!


"Hehe, inte riktigt säker på vad det var som blev spillt på golvet. Min dricka var det i alla fall inte! :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-06

"Det verkar som om vi har haft liknande väder - mycket blåst och några häftiga regnskurar, då all frukt föll i backen! Kul med så många bilder! Det känns inte alltför ensamt, eller... "

Ma, 2011-10-05

"Är det någon som spillt ut ditt Lipton rip-off ice tea på golvet?"

Sr, 2011-10-05