China 2011/2012

LOCATION: 关门山, 本溪
DATE: 2011-10-01

Today is the Chinese national day and the first day of the accompanying seven day holiday. To celebrate 孙桂文 (Sun Guiwen), 康伟 (Kang Wei) och 吴阳 (Wu Yang) took me to the Guanshan National Park outside Benxi (a neighbouring city to Liaoyang). The park was great, but not the trip. I have spent just over 10 hours in all really worn down and dirty buses and taxis today; we set out at 05:40 and got back at 21:15. I decided to upload some extra pictures today and I will let them speak for themselves. The only one that needs an explanation is the 8th one, in which you see "The Maple King (枫王)". Apparently brochures and advertisements promised a billowing sea of blood red leaves, but when we got there it turned out to be just one little tree that wasn't even that red either. To rub it in a little extra, the tree is located at the very end of the trail, so you have to walk for hours before you find out for yourself as well. My companions were REALLY disappointed, as being photographed together with red autumn leaves is something of a Chinese classic. The sign in the last picture says "Scenic area exit", but 出口 has two meanings: "exit" and "export", which sometimes makes for some confusing signs in China. Anyway, when we got back to Shoushan we wrapped up the evening by going to a bathhouse, getting a shower and then some sorely needed foot massage.


"classic chinglish again! :)"

caizi, 2011-10-02

"Jag vägde mig på badhuset och jag har tappat 2,5kg muskler på dessa tre sjukdagar. T_T (@mamma/pappa: en gråtande gubbe)"

Johan, 2011-10-02

"Trots en lång och tröttsam resa, verkar ju målet vara mödan värd, eller...Nog ser det ut som att ni lyckades hitta en del röda lönnlöv i alla fall!! Och så har du ju exporterat den sceniska ytan ända till Sverige!! "

Ma, 2011-10-02

"På kinesiska står det just "Scenic area exit", men det blev lite fel vid översättningen, vilket jag gör mig lustig över. :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-02

"Fantastiskt fina vyer och bilder. Mycket röda och gula löv så vad klagade de på egentligen? Vad står det på kinesiska på skylten? Den engelska texten lite svår för mig."

Sr, 2011-10-02

"Vad är korrekt översättning av "Scenic area export"? Fantastiskt fina kort och det verkar som att ni också har full höst."

Sr, 2011-10-02