China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-30

My stomache is slowly stabilizing and I dared going to work today. The medicine might actually have had some effect, but if so, neither the greatest nor the fastest. The temperature started to drop yesterday and it is now a comfortable 10-15 degrees around here. The only place where it is not so comfortable are the toilets, which lacks proper insulation and heating. You drag your feet going to the traditional stick-your-ass-out-and-squat style toilets with diarrhea, I tell you that! I decided to skip lunch today as I was still fearful of my stomace and instead headed out to get some porridge (the big white character on the red sign says: "Porridge"). Since this was way to little to sustain myself after more than two days of basically no food at all, me and Wu Yang headed out to his favourite noodle place after work. These were not hand-pulled noddles like the ones in Xi'an, but noodles cut into long strips from large chunks of...noodle, but they taste the same, e.g. really good. Also at this place I got to try something really weird: mixed soda; soda made by mixing Coke, Sprite and some Chinese apple soda! Strange, huh? Tasted aweful. What really made my day though, was the T-shirt of one of the staff: "A million ways to eat all-bran". How great isn't that? It was just a plain black T-shirt with this text on it, no corporate logos or slogans. Hilarious! On our way home we passed by a small square called "The Small Roundabout (小传盘)" where we saw a bunch of natives performing one of north-eastern China's traditional dances. There was a really festive atmosphere: the square was buzzing with excitement, beating drums and with the lights playing and shadows dancing around it made for quite the scene. Even made me forget my stupid stomache for a little while.


"Stället verkar ju inte vara bara landsbygd! "

Sr, 2011-09-30

"hahaha, smygfotografen Johan ;-)"

Henke, 2011-09-30