China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-28

I was wrong. The main reason for yesterdays nausea might not have been the booze, but me getting a fever. Fortunately, it is nowhere near as serious as when I got sick back in Xi'an (40+°). Still, as soon as Chinese people hear the word fever they are all over you urging you to take all sorts of medicine and try to convince you that some intranvenous drip will get you up and running in no time. I chose to politely abstain. To further emphasise my misfortune, the executives of the four companies located in Liaoyang had already arranged for a grand welcome dinner for me today, which it naturally was impossible for me to not attend (these guys are REALLY busy, so changing the time at the last minute was out of the question). This was definitely the longest dinner in my life. Three hours of of polite conversation while eating things I only eat in China and constantly dodging invitations to "booze up" (they were understanding enough to also give me a bottle of beer, to which I clung to with my life). As you might be able to glean from the pictures, the restaurant was really high-end and the food was top-notch. Really too bad about the whole fever business, everyone are so friendly and I am sure that without a fever I would have had a great time. When I got back home the fever had started to come down, but then the diarrhea kicked in instead. Most likely no sleep tonight either. Yay.


"Ingen buffé. På borden i bilden visas exempel alla rätter upp så att man enkelt kan välja det man vill ha. Sjuuuuuukt skumma grejer kan jag meddela. Grisblodspudding, organ av alla möjliga slag, konstiga svampar mystiska skaldjur. :-S"

Johan, 2011-09-30

"Restaurangen ser verkligen välstädad ut! Är det buffé?? Trist att inte kunna njuta av allt det där. Hoppas det du kryar på dig snabbt! Vi ser fram mot nya bilder! "

MA, 2011-09-29

"Glöm inte att vi skall skypa imorgon!"

Sr, 2011-09-29

"Also, they were cutting stone tiles in my corridor ALL day. Almost drove me insane. Just my luck, eh?"

Johan, 2011-09-29

"Jag ska ta det försiktigt, jag lovar! Som tur är smakar det skit vilket hjälper, hehe. [^_^]"

Johan, 2011-09-29

"Nyhetsagenturen Xinhua raporterar varje år om nya kadrer som dricker ihjäl sig i tjänsten, så akta dig för att “go native” här Johan!"

Michael, 2011-09-29