China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-25

The Wanxingda Group is located in Shoushan (首山) just outside Liaoyang, pretty much right in between Liaoyang and Anshan (鞍山). Unfortunately, since it only takes 15 minutes by taxi to go to one of the big cities there really aren't much around here. Like a gym. Just the other day I was given a leaflet stating that there will be a brand new gym opening in two months. Doh! In an effort to preserve some amount of muscle until the gym opens, I went to Liaoyang to buy some dumbbells. With some help I found my way to this place called Shengda Sports where they sell workout equipment. On one hand, it was too bad they only had 15kg dumbbells, but on the other hand, you feel like a real boss when you go to a sports store and buy the biggest dumbbells they have! I guess they don't move too many of these, because I got the only pair they had, right off the weight rack, just like that. I also found some cheap pushup bars which I will put to good use (my left wrist still hurts when I do pushups directly on the floor...). Does anyone know how much a pair of dumbbells are back in Sweden? I paid 488元 for these, which felt kind of expensive...


"Ha det bra. miss China!:)"

Amanda, 2011-09-26

"Men du kan ju låna en strömtransformator och köra bänkpress med, dom är ganska tunga men borde vara perfekt för dig. Annars är ju pingis en sport varje kines sysslar med, dom har ju pingiskafeer. Pumpa på.."

Åke, 2011-09-26

"Okej, då var det kanske inte så dyrt ändå. :-S"

Johan, 2011-09-26

"Kollade växelkursen och 1元 = 1,15 SEK varför det verkar som ett bra köp."

Sr, 2011-09-25

"Ett par 15-kilos verkar gå på ca 1500 kr här hemma. Oklart dock hur mkt det är i 元."

Henke, 2011-09-25

"Det blir övervikt på vägen hem förstår jag, eller skall du ta dem som handbagage?"

Sr, 2011-09-25