China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-20

On the other side of the road from the Mao-gate is Hongyuan Electron, another of the Wanxingda-companies (the white building in the first picture). I took this picture while waiting for the bus this morning, I just could not resist the juxtaposition of the mule next to a passing trailer truck. How do I now it is a mule? Wu Yang told me. How does he now? No idea. Everyone, at least at my office, come to work at 8, have lunch between 12 and 13, and then go home at 17. One thing I really like about Chinese culture is the lunch break: it is customary to take 20-30 minute nap after eating! Me like. This afternoon Wu Yang helped me buy a cellphone. The price tag said 499, but after some haggling he got it down to 330 including a 2GB memory card. There are like a thousand different kinds to choose from, so I went by the tried and true "Heavy means reliable"-principle. The heaviest one turned out to be pretty blinged out as well. In the fourth picture you can behold the amazing photographic capabilities of my new phone: 320x240! For some reason the picture quality reminds me of Wetterlings digital camera, but I can't quite put my finger on why. It says that it has Bluetooth but it won't connect to my computer. Hell, it doesn't even show up when using the USB-cable. It can make phone calls though, so I guess it will do.


"hörru! min kamera hade ju minst 640x480 i alla fall =) mobilen din påminner dock om den där kedjan du skickade till mig förra gången du var over there. gillar även placeringen av * och #"

Henke, 2011-09-23

"Hehe, den är av märket Sunup. Tyvärr har den ingen TV-antenn som den där "Xperian" vi såg i Suzhou. :-("

Johan, 2011-09-22

"Schysst, är det en Phony Ericsson?"

Xander, 2011-09-21

"haha, nice phone.. Jag håller på att skriva ner ditt nya nummer just nu:)"

iziac, 2011-09-20

"De skriver uttalet med västerländska tecken så får de upp vilka tecken som matchar. Det fungerar ungefär som vårat T9."

Nej, det vet jag faktiskt inte. :-S, 2011-09-20

"Snygg telefon som ser dyr ut, men var är de kinesiska tecknen?"

Du vet vem!, 2011-09-20

"If you want to reach me, just call me on 0086-18740227247 using Skype, it is something like 0.16SEK/minute I think. :-)"

Johan, 2011-09-20