China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-18

The only train that would get me from Tianjin to Shenyang and arrive in the afternoon was the 06:01 train. Fortunately, Xu Jia's parents live quite close to the train station, so we only had to get up at 04:30. In the first picture you see Tianjin's train station and the second one is of the square just outside the station building. Xu Jia's parents helped me buy a ticket and bought me a "soft sleeper"-ticket. To be honest, it is not that much softer than the regular ones, but there is only 4 sleepers in each compartment and there is a door as well. The trip was alright, just over seven hours long. Well in Shenyang I was picked up in a black Audi A6 with black windows and taken to Liaoyang. I am going to stay at a dormitory next to the headquarters, apparently sharing a room with a Chinese guy. I will have to see tomorrow what he is like, he is out of town this weekend I hear. The last picture is the headquarters and the main gate. All companies that have a huge sign with Mao outside their building have to be good. The Internet connection in my room is not working for some reason, so I will just go to bed instead. We will have to see how that goes, the bed is hard as a rock, if not worse.


"På skylten står det: "Spread brilliance and illuminate the world". Tyvärr är det inget "äkta" Mao-citat, bara något fint de skrivit och satt hans bild på. :-P"

Johan, 2011-09-24

"Vad står det på MAO-skylten?"

Henke, 2011-09-23

"Tjusiga bilder, trevligt att få se Mao också."

Alexander, 2011-09-21

"Vi följer fortsättningen med spänning!"

Sr, 2011-09-19